Access to Education for All Children

Giving Children an Opportunity for the Future

Education is the key to success in any developing nation. With knowledge comes power. Unfortunately, for many children in Central American rural areas, education is simply out of reach. Many problems plague the school system; they are underfunded, have little oversight/regulation or are not within walking distance. CAUSA Hispana aims to put an end to government dependency through education. We are working toward ending the cycle of poverty, but first, we must enrich these little minds and change the dependency mindset.

We have already taken small steps taking care of dozens of rural schools, adding classrooms, providing school supplies, supporting and motivating school staff, but the regional school system needs a complete overhaul. To do this, we need more help acquiring materials and finding the right resources to expand our efforts. Plus, we are working with the Honduran government to find innovative solutions. We know that change will take time, but what matters is that we are working toward a goal… and to get there, we need your help.

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We Can do More, If We do it Together

Developing countries receiving foreign aid often fall dependency phase due do to corruption or inadequate distribution of funds, promoting policies that create economic distortions and foster government dependency. Traditional foreign aid relies on the government-to-government model and doesn’t generate sustainable opportunities on the ground for the people. CAUSA Hispana is determined to break the dependency mindset so that people living in Central American countries thrive on their own accord. To accomplish this monumental task, we need your help.
To promote independence, we must start at the root of the problem by improving children’s living standards, implementing long-range educational strategies and providing access to healthcare. Your generous donation will help:

  • Renovate the children’s shelter and provide much-needed supplies;
  • Purchase an ambulance for the local hospital servicing the children’s shelter and surrounding hard-to-reach rural areas; and,
  • Overhaul the local schools, creating a national model, by implementing a more effective curriculum and providing adequate school supplies.

CAUSA Hispana strives to empower people in Central American countries. Your generous donation will help refocus efforts into breaking the dependency mindset and ending the cycle of poverty.